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Acid Reflux, The Program (part 2)

Simple lifestyle changes have made big differences for many people who suffer with acid reflux. No one step helps everyone. I encourage you to try these and see which help you.

Reduce stomach distress by simplifying the work of digestion

Each class of food requires a specific stomach environment of optimal digestion. For example pepsin and increased HCL is necessary for protein digestion, while starches require amylase and less HCL. Fats need to be treated with HCL and bile. Proper food combining allows the stomach to work more efficiently, by addressing similar foods at each meal. The basic rule is that starches and proteins do not go together. Vegetables go with everything and fruit should be eaten alone. A sticking point is to stop combining protein with starch and bread. Most people will feel better and lose some weight if they reduce their bread intake and especially stop eating bread with protein.

Rules for food combining

  1. Combine protein (meat, fish, eggs, dairy & beans) with vegetables, but not starch.
  2. Combine starch (bread, pasta, potatoes & rice) with vegetables, but not protein.
  3. Fruit should be eaten alone.

Elevate the head of your bed about 30 degrees from the waist up

If you experience symptoms at night elevate your head to reduce reflux, there are several ways to accomplish this.

Additional steps which may help

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